EdVantage International, a global Overseas Education Consultancy. With our headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand we are widely spread with offices in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and working on new markets like Philippines and China. We provide FREE of cost consultancy to students from around the world to reputed educational institutions worldwide.

EdVantage International Director James Ellis is a Licensed Immigration Advisor for New Zealand (LIA Licence 201300730) and we have a strategic partnership with an ICCRC registered immigration consultant for servicing immigration requirements to Canada.

Some of the courses we offer in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, & other Asian and European countries across more than 250+ reputed Edu-providers are as follows:

As a ‘One Shop Stop’ service provider, EdVantage also provides Study opportunities, Internships, Study tours and Soft skill training to students from around the world. We actively promote education related programs ranging from Schooling to Undergraduate and Post graduate options.

Mass Seminars & Workshops – Study Abroad

We would love to collaborate with your institution and facilitate Seminars and Workshops in India for spot admissions. Please indicate suitable times you can travel to India and we can facilitate this for you.

EdVantage Skills Academy” is our new venture into e-learning and Soft Skill training in India bridging the gap between education and the work industry. We also specialize with providing Management or Operational Training Programs (outsourced) for Hotels /Motels. Technical Up-skill training modules on Food & beverage, Housekeeping, front office and so on for Hospitality employees or ‘wanna be’ job seekers.

Brief of EdVantage Skills Academy

EdVantage Skills Academy is an independent training institute catering to the skill needs of students from a local and international perspective.

The Academy has been set up with the vision to impart skills that enable students and individuals to get ‘job ready’ or improve their current skills empowering them towards a successful career! EdVantage also has developed a wide network of employers it works with to provide them various support services including soft skill training and providing them trained staff.

The Academy will focus on courses related to test preparation, language learning, hospitality, retail and similar job oriented skill courses. It will also endeavor to provide internships and placements within the local and international platform.

EdVantage is also currently developing its own brand for language learning – EdVantage SPEAK SMART program as an initiative to develop English and other language skills for various applications, be it spoken English for Non-English speakers or vernacular medium students, foreign language skills (French, German, Spanish etc.) or IELTS preparation for study abroad or immigration purposes. http://speaksmart.edvantageinternational.com/

EdVantage e-Cert

 We are now in the process of providing access to internationally recognized qualifications Online and On-Campus so that a vast number of students across different nationalities and countries can benefit from associating with EdVantage. This also is our endeavor to keep instep with the fast changing trends in education being online education (e-learning) and Blended Learning. We are keen to provide courses from various education providers globally through this portal!

EdVantage Academix

EdVantage Skills Academy is proud to launch its Online tutoring initiative – EdVantage Academix! As a education company we believe in “Education beyond borders’ and we will continue to strive to connect students to the best tutors worldwide! Our new online tutorial initiative is to provide tutorials from year 2 to year 12 (CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE formats) to students in India or overseas. http://tuition.edvantageinternational.com/

Institutional Partnerships

We have also recently facilitated a partnership between two institutions (with an institute in India) for ‘Blended learning’ and ‘Dual Certification’ programs. We look forward to facilitating and being the Mediators and service providers for Overseas educational institutions willing to look at potential partnerships with leading Indian Universities and Colleges.

Study Tours and Internships

As part of the various offerings, we also actively promote Study tours, Student exchange tours, Work – Study programs, Internships, Language and Cultural tours. We are currently envisaging the opportunity to partner with a J1 Visa programs provider to the USA as well!