Temporary visas are a category of visas which as is clear from the name are temporary in nature and are meant for a specific purpose and allow you to stay in the country for a limited and specific period of time

The type of visa you will be eligible for depends on –

If you are looking to visit a country for work or for business related purposes, you will need a business visa and the type of business visa will depend on the country, duration, type of work and work and business related policies in the country related to which country you hold a passport from.

These visas are usually limited to the specific purpose and have restrictions on how many months you can stay in the country at a stretch or how many times you can enter the country.

You may be able to apply for a Business Visitor Visa or Business Work Visa, if you –

i) are attending a business conference, seminar, or event
ii) conducting some work as part of your role for your company for a third party or company overseas
iii) conducting research on businesses that you would like to start or invest in to later apply for a Entrepreneur or Investor category visa

This is not to be confused with a migration option for Entrepreneur or Investor category visas as it is for a short duration and may have other restrictions that need to be taken into consideration

Business Visas are generally temporary in nature and are valid only for a fixed period of time. In some countries, the rules may need you to leave the country for a period of time before you can re-apply for a business Visa and return to the same country.