EdVantage International has now partnered and working in collaboration with FIEA to bring you the most sought after Cultural exchange program!

Forte International Exchange Association is designated by the Department of State and fully listed with Council on Standards for International Educational Travel.

List of states in the USA where our current students from 2017-2018 are placed:

Am I eligible?

If you are –
Age: You must be bonafide student who:
a. is at least fifteen(15) years of age and not older than eighteen(18) years and six(6) months of age at the time of initial school enrollment; OR
b. Are secondary school students in their home country and not have completed more than eleven (11) years of primary and secondary school combined. (The placement of graduated students will be conditional on acceptance by high school and/or school district.)

Maturity level: Must be compatible to age or above, demonstrate good moral character as established through an interview conducted by EdVantage staff or a psychological profile interview.

Academic: Must at least have an average compatible to those of U.S. high schools C average or above, and demonstrate good scholastic aptitude.

Language skills: You must have a minimum score of two hundred and twenty-two (222) on the ELTiS and have reasonable communication ability of speaking English in order to be accepted to this program.

We are looking for interested students from the following countries to avail of the FIEA cultural program
New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Philippines, and Sri Lanka. Students from other countries may contact us as well and will be screened on a case to case basis.

Schools wanting to talk to us about this program can contact us today at info@edvantageinternational.com