At EdVantage International Consulting, we are committed to individualizing the admissions process in order to ensure students are selecting schools that meet their personal, academic, and emotional needs. Helping students and families calmly navigate the often overwhelming and stressful path to higher education is our area of expertise. Through this process, our mission is to empower families, increase students’ self-esteem, and provide honest, knowledgeable advice to help families make the best higher educational decisions.

Education Providers

EdVantage represents a large number of eduproviders varying from government or private owned and operated Schools, Colleges, Vocation training Institutes, Polytechnics and Universities in various countries . EdVantage will feature a select few eduproviders from time to time.


Some of the most popular destinations for further studies we represent are:

Please note that this is not a complete and exhaustive listing of courses. However for further details on any of these courses and more options regarding your field of interest, please contact EdVantage International Consulting through this website ( registration page or contact us ) or email us at