Temporary visas are a category of visas which as is clear from the name are temporary in nature and are meant for a specific purpose and allow you to stay in the country for a limited and specific period of time

If you are looking to study abroad depending on the duration, type of study and country you will need a Study Visa You may be able to take up a course for a short period and travel on a Visitor visa depending on the country – for example You don’t need a Study Visa if you are going to study a course which is for less than 3 months in New Zealand or less than 6 months in Canada Whether you  are planning to travel to places like USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany,Ireland, France, Italy and so on and intend to study for a year or longer you will need to apply for a Study visa and this may not be a simple and easy process

If you are currently inside the country you need to apply for a further Study Visa if you want to pursue another course or further studies.

Study Visa being a temporary visa can also be granted as en e-visa in some countries like New Zealand, Australia and so on.