EdVantage International Consulting Limited is a Immigration Consultancy Company, specialising in assisting people from all over the world to study, work or migrate to New Zealand and settle successfully in their new chosen home country.

Based in Auckland, Aoteroa-New Zealand’s largest city and commercial center, we are well placed to assist in all immigration related applications to New Zealand – be it Study, Work or starting a businesses or wishing to settle in NZ.

EdVantage International Consulting Ltd has the experience, skills and the knowledge. We understand the need for a service to assist migrants in that difficult, challenging but rewarding, immigration process.

We deal with a variety of temporary and permanent class visa applications and provide you the required assistance from assessment to documentation to lodging your application successfully.

Director and Licensed Immigration Adviser
Licence No: 201300730
James Ellis

Mission & Vision

Our business and services are built on certain core values that are focused on you achieving your goals

Why EdVantage?

Are you considering the possibility of immigrating to New Zealand, setting up a commercial business venture in New Zealand or even just looking for further education and work opportunities?- then you are at the right place!!! At EdVantage we will endeavor at all times to utilize our experience and skills to make your dream a reality.

Reasons to choose EdVantage:

A responsible company, member of the New Zealand Association for Migration & Investment (NZAMI) and thus abiding to their Code of Ethics.

The Director JAMES ELLIS is a Licensed Immigration Adviser (201300730)

If you are looking to study we are a accredited and Education New Zealand trained education Agent for New Zealand

i) A company based in the preferred multi cultural and commercial city -Auckland also called the ‘City of Sails’.
ii) Experience in handling a variety of applications
iii) A wide range of services to chose from.
iv) One shop stop services from education to migration to settlement services

Why use a consultant?

If you are considering coming to or immigrating to New Zealand, it is vitally important to engage the services of an experienced, trustworthy licensed immigration advisor, to help facilitate your move.

Lodging and application for a temporary or permanent visa is a life changing decision affecting you as the applicant and your family members. It is a big decision!!
You have a right to clear, honest, complete and accurate information before you make important life changing decisions.

Why should you use a Licensed Immigration Adviser?

Licensed immigration advisers are specialists in what they do, understanding the laws and regulations of New Zealand. They must meet minimum regulations and qualifications in order to operate, and work to certain ethical and professional standards

With a consultant who is bound by the IAA Code of Conduct and the Rules and Regulations of the NZAMI (New Zealand Association for Migration & Investment) you can be confident that you will be provided with the highest standards of knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Immigrating to New Zealand can be a complicated, time consuming and daunting process and also expensive. Seeking professional immigration advice can not only help simplify and clarify the process for you, it could also save you time and money

Once you have decided to immigrate to New Zealand, you will need advice on the best type of visa for your circumstance. Many rejections are due to simplistic errors or omissions in the application or supporting documentation. Immigration advice can avoid your applications being rejected because of a small mistake

After an initial consultation, a licensed immigration adviser will weigh up all aspects of your situation, and assess your eligibility for entry into New Zealand – saving you losing money and time if you do not qualify.

A Immigration adviser can provide you alternate options whether short term or long term that would suit you and your circumstance and help you achieve your dream!

Hiring a licensed immigration adviser will ensure you do everything ethically and systematically, therefore optimizing your chances for the dream you wish to pursue

In other words, when you have issues with your health would you see a plumber for medical advice or treat yourself and risk to see what the outcome maybe?? When you have issues with health you see a doctor, when you have issues with the Law you see a Lawyer, and so on to ensure you get professional and reliable advice from a licensed and authorized professional in that field.

So when you wish to immigrate you hire and work with a Licensed Immigration Adviser who is preferably also a member of the NZAMI.

At EdVantage, we take care of all the immigration requirements for all those who wish to come Study, Work or Settle in New Zealand. EdVantage prides itself to offer a One-Stop-Shop in immigration matters and thus allowing you as the client to focus on the various other challenges involved in moving from your home country.

EdVantage provides expertise and excellent experience in immigration matters ensuring that all applications prepared and lodged by us are complete and correct. EdVantage ensures that all immigration applications lodged fully comply with the requirements of Immigration New Zealand, first time and every time.