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We Represent

At EdVantage International Consulting, we are committed to individualizing the admissions process in order to ensure students are selecting schools that meet their personal, academic, and emotional needs. Helping students and families calmly navigate the often overwhelming and stressful path to higher education is our area of expertise. Through this process, our mission is to empower families, increase students’ self-esteem, and provide honest, knowledgeable advice to help families make the best higher educational decisions.

EdVantage represents a large number of eduproviders varying from government or private owned and operated schools, colleges, vocation training centres, polytechnics and universities in various countries . Some of the most popular destinations for further studies we  represent are  United States of America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Sinagpore, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and more. EdVantage will feature a select few eduproviders from time to time.


SOME of the courses that are offered by these leading Institutions/ Colleges/ Universities we represent are as follows:
General English ( Total of 3 levels -2 month per level) Certficate in Threading IB Diploma  (year 11- Year 13)
Semi Intensive English course Certficate in Waxing Diploma  in Casino management
Intensive English course Certifcate in Commercial Management Diploma in Accounting
IESOL (International English for Speakers of Other Languages) Certifcate in Human resource development Diploma in Accounting (MYOB)
Gold Star English Training for Executives & Professionals Certifcate in Nail technology Diploma in App Tech in Agriculture (Dairy Farming)
IELTS Preparation Certificate Advanced in Software Development-Webcentric & eTechnologies Diploma in Applied tourism
Teaching English As a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate in Advance Aircraft maintenance engg Diploma in Aquaculture
Certificate in English for Overseas Teachers of English (Combined TEFL & Advanced) Certificate in Aircraft Servicing & Structural Engineering (Level 3) Diploma in Architecture
Pearson Test of English Academic (CEFR-C1) Certificate in Applied Technology (Audio Video technician) Diploma in Business (Finance/Mangement/Marketing)
Polish Language course in English Certificate in Applied Technology (Automotive Engineering) Diploma in Civil engg
Polish Language course in French Certificate in Applied Technology (Autotronics) Diploma in Computing (Business IT)
Certificate in Applied Technology (Boat Building) Diploma in computing systems
Certificate in Applied Technology (Carpentry) Diploma in construction
Certificate in Applied Technology (Electrical Engineering) Diploma in conveyancing
Certificate in Applied Technology (Furniture & cabinet making) Diploma in early childhood care & Education-Teaching
 Learn French language program Certificate in Applied Technology (Marine Engineering systems) Diploma in electronics & Telecommunications
Learn German language program Certificate in Applied Technology (Welding & fabrication) Diploma in electrotechnology
 Learn Spanish language program Certificate in beauty therapy Diploma in environment manager
 Learn Chinese language program Certificate in Business Diploma in film and TV
 Learn Japanese language program Certificate in Business &Administration & Computing (level 3 & 4) Diploma in graphics and multimedia
 Learn Russian language program Certificate in Case Management Diploma in Highway engg
 Learn Arabic language program Certificate in community skills Diploma in Hotel Management
 Learn Italian language program Certificate in Counselling Applications Diploma in HR
 Learn Korean language program Certificate in Counselling Skills Diploma in information and communication technology
 Learn Urdu language program Certificate in Counselling Therapies Diploma in Landscape Design
 Learn Maori language program Certificate in Early childhood education Diploma in manufacturing
 Learn  Hindi Language program Certificate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Diploma in Marketing
  Certificate in ICT sytems Support Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  Certificate in Multiskill building construction Diploma in programming
Certificate in Spa Aesthetic Therapy Level 1 – 3 Diploma in Quantity surveying
Certificate in Travel & Tourism, Fares and Ticketing (Level 3 & 4) Diploma in Social Work
Graduate Certificate in counselling Diploma in Spa Aesthetic Therapy
Graduate certificate in IT Diploma in tourism & Hospitality Managemnt (DTHM)
National Certificate in Horticulture (Advance) Diploma in tourism & travel (Flight attendant)
National certificate in Motor Industry (Entry skills) Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management
National certificate in professional cookery & patisserie Diploma in viticulture & Winemaking
NITEC in food & beverage Operations National diploma in Architecture technology
Diploma in Lean Management System
Advanced Diploma in tourism & Hospitality Managemnt(ADTHM)  Post Grad Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Managemnt(PGD) BA (Hons) Business Administration
Advanced Diploma (CASINO) Post graduate diploma in Hotel manegemnt ( with MBA component) BA (Hons) Degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Management
Advanced Diploma (General/ Specialisation) Postgraduate certificate in social practice Bachelor  in Commercial Management
Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management Bachelor  in Human resource development
Advanced Diploma in Project Management (NQF-6) Postgraduate diploma in International Communication Bachelor degree in Hotel management
Grad diploma in early childhood teaching Postgraduate diploma in social practice Bachelor of Applied Management
Grad diploma in Primary teaching Bachelor of Applied Technology (Automotive Engeering)
Grad diploma in Secondary teaching Bachelor of Applied Technology (Building)
Graduate diploma  in Highway engineering Bachelor of Applied Technology (Electrotechnology)
Graduate diploma in Accounting Bachelor of Applied Technology (Marine)
Graduate diploma in Business management Bachelor of Architectural studies
Graduate diploma in computing Bachelor of Commerce
Graduate diploma in Design (Multi speciality) Bachelor of Communication (Event management, International Communication, media studies, PR)
Graduate diploma in Health management Bachelor of Computing Systems
Graduate diploma in IT Bachelor of Early childhood education
Graduate diploma in Management Bachelor of Information Technology
Graduate diploma in Marine Bachelor of Landscape architecture
Graduate diploma in Marketing Bachelor of Management (Tourism / Marketing / HR Management, Accts)
Graduate diploma in Physical conditioning Bachelor of Nursing
Graduate diploma in Tourism Bachelor of Nursing for Registered Nurses
BBA (General/ Specialisation) Professional Pilot Training (stage 1 & 2)
Master of Architecture Commercial pilot licence
Master of architecture (Professional)
Master of Business administration ( Tourism , Banking & Business)
Master of International Communication
Master of landscape architecture
Master of Social Practice
MBA ( HRM / E-Com / Mktg / Financial Mgt /Health Services Mgt / Entrepreneuship)
MBA (General/ Specialisation)
Msc Biotechnology
Msc Information Technology


Please note that this is not a complete and exhaustive listing of courses. However for further details on any of these courses and more options regarding your field of interest , please contact EdVantage International Consulting through this website ( registration page  or contact us ) or email us at info@edvantageinternational.com.



"AIC is a pathway to the world’s best universities. I was thrilled to be bestowed with a scholarship by AIC. It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me."

Diksha Ahuja


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