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Q.  How do I Register myself with EdVantage International?

Its as simple as can be! You can register yourself Online on this website, or else just drop in to our office in your location for ‘Free Guidance’, meet our Counselors, get your queries cleared and then register with us. Registration is FREE for all countries.


Q. How can I personally contact EdVantage International at an office? How will I be benefited after visiting your office?

Sure, you are most welcome to visit our office personally. For our office addresses please visit our Branches page. We are well stocked with Brochures, Application Forms, CD’s, and Video Cassettes and experienced Counselors who advise you for No Charge.


Q.  After registration how long will it be before I secure my admissions?

Soon after you have registered and provided us with your details we get to work. We will provide you the available options that suit you bst. Once you have made your decision we will assist you in applying to the concerned institute /university. The time taken for the admission process varies from university to university. Depending on the number of applications and their individual processes some universities may be faster than others . However, as a registered student of EdVantage International , our endeavour will be to provide you a reply much faster than normally taken.


Q. When is the right time for submitting the Application?What if I am late?

Please note that the admissions process is lengthy and can vary from 4- 6 weeks . So plan well and submit your application as soon as you can , ideally a month or two before final admission dates for a particular semester. If you send your documents well before the deadlines, the advantage is yours isnt it! This will also provide you with better chances of getting admission as well as get priority for accomodation and even Scholarships. Remember having all ends tied down helps give you more comfort and confidence before leaving your location for a new destination.

However, should you in any case be too late in applying for the coming term/semester. Relax! All is not lost you can still apply for the next semester. EDVantage International will double process your application at no extra costs.


Q: Can I apply for multiple countries at the same time?

Yes , you can. EdVantage International works with Edu providers from NZ, UK , USA, Singapore, Poland and many more countries. However, we advise you to be clear about your choices based on country of choice, course, budget and so on. It is easier to pursue a set option. Mutliple applications are recommended when time may be a issue or you are unsure you may secure admission with your first option.





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"AIC is a pathway to the world’s best universities. I was thrilled to be bestowed with a scholarship by AIC. It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me."

Diksha Ahuja


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